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The DemoMaster is designed to control and power either a concrete cutter, a metal shear, or a hydraulic hammer, for the purpose of demolition of high-rise structures utilizing a mobile crane. Designed to carry up to a 5-ton implement. The unit is a fully self-powered device that incorporates a 130hp CAT Diesel engine powering a 350 bar (5000psi) hydraulic system.

All functions are controlled by a radio remote control. The implement can operate horizontally or vertically or in angle in between. The mainframe rotates 360 deg., and the implement rotates left and right while both the implement and motor assembly extend for quick positioning and to maintain the desired level position. The implement mounting plate can be configured for a quick disconnect to allow the operator to conveniently shift from a concrete cutter to a metal shear, new or existing.
Easy to transport on a flatbed truck.

  • Camera monitoring
  • Rotation Control blocks to control rotation of supporting crane
  • Customization to fit other uses
  • All types of implements available


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Engine Powered by 130 hp CAT Diesel Engine
Controller Controlled by radio remote