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JAK-200 is the master of tree shears for smaller-scale excavators, skid steers, backhoes, and a variety of other construction equipment. JAK-200 is ideal for land clearing, pruning, roadside vegetation management, pasture edge maintenance, and forest thinning of smaller diameter trees. The JAK-200 is a good alternative for expensive and dangerous mulching heads and grapple saws, especially when working around high-traffic areas. Another benefit of the JAK-200 is that it does not utilize a motor for cutting which drastically reduces any noise concerns.

  • Bolt-on blade for easy maintenance or replacement. If necessary, the cutting blade can be removed, in which case the tree shear acts as a wood grapple.
  • The blade design allows cutting from either side of the tree which makes taking down larger trees easier.
  • Dual-Acting cylinders for max shearing force
  • The close tolerance between the blade and jaw allows trees of smaller diameters to be cut easily.
  • Bolt-on mounting coupler allows you to bolt on a variety of brackets for all types of excavators, skid steers, telehandlers, or log loaders.
  • All options are bolt-on and can be added at any time. - Options include: Collector which allows the operator to continue cutting and 360-degree Slew Drive Rotator.
  • Extremely rugged - built with all HADOX steel, these shears are designed to last. 
  • Two-Year Warranty
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Weight 308 lbs
Cutting diameter 4-10 in
Working pressure 2,900-4,351 psi
Minimum oil flow 7.9 gal/min
Opening 23.6 in
Impact plate height 12 in