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JAK-250K Tree Shear

JAK-250K Tree Shear

JAK-250K takes work productivity to a new level

JAK-250K is an efficient, professional energy wood tree shear for use in various forest machines as well as large tractors. Developed for heavy use, JAK-250K is a true power pack with which various thinning and clearing work can be done accurately and efficiently.

The design-protected design of JAK-250K tree shear with two cylinders cuts the trees exactly where you want. In the firm hold of the grapple, the wood material is neatly cut up to a thickness of 25 cm.

The strong jaws and high profile of the tree shear take a firm and unmistakable grip on the wood, making wood handling easy and safe. With the JAK-250K’s wide 690 mm opening, it is also easy to cut several trees at once.

The JAK-250K is powered by one double-acting hydraulics and can be installed as such to replace a standard timber grapple. If necessary, the cutting blade can be removed, in which case the tree shear acts as a wood grapple.

  • CE approved
  • Made in Finland
  • Operation with one hydraulics
  • Removable blade
  • Powerful and durable
  • Two-year warranty
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Weight 617 lbs
Cutting diameter 9.8 in
Working pressure 3,625-4,351 psi
Minimum oil flow 15.8 gal/min
Opening 27.1 in
Impact plate height 15.3 in