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JAK-250Z Tree Shear

JAK-250Z Tree Shear

JAK-250Z is a multi-purpose and efficient energy wood feller

JAK-250Z is designed for use with 3 to 6 ton wheel loaders and telehandlers with a maximum lifting capacity of 900 kg or more at their maximum reach. As a versatile and efficient tree shear, JAK-250Z is ideal for fast and efficient clearing of roadsides and field sides, for example.

Developed for heavy use, JAK-250Z cuts the wood to be harvested neatly and precisely at the desired point from ground level. The design-protected structure with two cylinders cuts the trees efficiently and precisely up to a thickness of 25 cm. The firmly pressed wood is cut precisely and neatly thanks to a cutting blade, after which the wood material firmly attached to the grapple can be lifted to the desired location. The high profile of the tree shear holds the wood firmly in place throughout the movement.

With the JAK-250Z tree shear, clearing of energy wood is effortless, as its wide opening of 690 mm makes it easy to grab and cut several small trees at once. JAK-250Z is versatile for clearing small twigs as well as felling larger trees. Thanks to its good mobility, trees and shrubs can be cleared quickly even from a larger area.

If necessary, the cutting blade below the shear can also be removed if the tree shear is to be used as an ordinary wood grapple.

  • Warranty 2 years
  • CE approved
  • Made in Finland
  • Removable blade
  • Operation with two cylinders
  • Powerful and durable
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Weight 595 lbs
Cutting diameter 9.8 in
Working pressure 3,625-4,351 psi
Minimum oil flow 15.8 gal/min
Opening 27.1 in
Impact plate height 15.3 in