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PowerGrab 2400

PowerGrab 2400

A self powered and remote controlled log grappler with a bar saw. Designed to be suspended from a mobile crane, so that the operator of the mobile crane can reach up and safely position the grappler around a section of a tree and severe that section. Then lift out of harms way and safely lower the section removed to the ground, without the need for a climber to hoisted up in the tree to choke and cut.

The PowerGrab 2400 can also be used to just grab a tree and then have it cut at ground level by a chainsaw operator, allowing a crane to again be utilized with out manuel choking. Design for backyard and other difficult trees, eliminating or reducing the need for bucket trucks and sky lifts while providing a much safer and more productive alternative.

  • Suggested crane size 60+ ton
  • Custom trailer for quick loading and unloading
  • Dual axle 18’ deck to also accommodate ManBasket and ZeroTwist
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Cutting Capacity 24”
Motor 38HP Kohler
Suggested Crane Size 60+ ton
Pump Parker pressure and flow compensated pump
Controller Iqan control, Scanreco remote control
Grappler Assembly Hultdin grappler and Hultdin super saw 550. Indexator rotator. Electric motor pump backup, counter balance safety valves for all cylinders, highest quality steel and components
Unit Weight 5,000 lbs
Paint Electro static rust prevention and Polyurethane paint