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SawMaster 120

SawMaster 120

SawMaster 120 grapple and bar saw designed for telehandlers, excavators, and a variety of other construction equipment. The SawMaster 120 cuts up to 24 inches in diameter. The strong and tested SawMaster 120 grapple is manufactured with a variety of quick disconnects available with or without pivoting saw assembly. Ideal for land clearing, pruning, roadside vegetation management, pasture edge maintenance, and forest thinning.

  • High torque rotator
  • Rotating manifold design allows cutting from either side of the tree which makes taking down larger trees easier
  • Teeth and check valves for secure grip of trees
  • Reinforced grapple for handling of loads from vertical trees
  • Bolted on quick disconnect attachment.
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Weight 684 lbs
Max Load 5,510 lbs
Cutting Diameter 24 inches
Height, Arms (tip-tip) 35 inches
Max. Operating Pressure 3,625 psi
Gripping Force, arms tip-top at 3625 psi 3,600 pounds-force