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Dipperfox 850

Dipperfox 850

All-New-Next-Generation Stump Drill Dipperfox

The Stump Crusher drills through the stumps and their roots, pushing all the remains deep into the ground. Therefore there is no need for additional clean-up of the logging sites – once the work is finished, the sites are fully accessible for maintenance vehicles and provide good conditions for newly planted trees. No need to collect, transport and utilise the remains – saving you even more time and resources.

  • 2-3 stumps removed in one minute
  • Customizable to fit all excavators
  • Suitable for forest and urban challenges
  • Patented one of a kind design solution
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Weight 1,268 lbs
Minimum Power 74 kW (100 hp)
Pressure 4,000-5,000 psi
Oil Flow 50-60 gpm
Excavator 20+ tons (requires a case drain line)
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